Turn your waste into clean energy

Turn your organic waste into renewable clean cooking biogas and liquid bio-fertilizer with this innovative, easy to install off-the-grid system. Upcycle your food and help save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and maintaining a self-sufficient life. 

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How the magic works?


Enjoy  free cooking gas and rich fertilizer


Biogas accumulates in the gas bag​


Add your food waste to the system


The anaerobic bacteria breaks it down​

Creating biogas in 4 easy steps

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Assemble, Activate, Rest!​
Add fresh manure. 1-3 weeks later, you have gas!​
Daily add food waste or manure​
Add your food waste or manure & let the magic happen​
Cook, Plant, Feed, Repeat!​
That's it, you're self-sufficient! You've got biogas & bio-fertilizer​

When the weather gets cold give your system a boost

Temperature is one of the most critical parameters for biogas production. The change to colder seasons can impact the efficacy of the HomeBiogas system. Our new booster kit ensures your system is not affected by external weather conditions, and maintains the optimal temperature, in the most energy-efficient way, at all times.

One system, multiple benefits

Daily free cooking gas

Your waste is valuable! Get ready to replace your cooking gas with TWO free cooking hours EVERYDAY! without any effort...

Daily free Liquid fertilizer

A golden by-product of the system is the rich Bio-fertilizer that you get on a daily basis. Are you ready to give up your store bought fertilizers?

Waste management solution

With a little change of habits, you’ll save money on utility bills, enjoy creating daily gas and fertilizer while decreasing the waste you create

Super Easy DIY Assembly

HomeBiogas is designed as a DIY product! To be completed by 1 or 2 people in under just two hours!

Save the world

While you enjoy free cooking gas and fertilizer, you are a hero saving 6 tons of greenhouse gases and 1 ton of food waste every year! ​

HomeBiogas 2

Turn your waste into clean renewable energy with this innovative, easy-to-install backyard bio-system. Live a self-sustainable life with minimal effort by recycling your food scraps into free clean cooking gas and rich fertilizer.

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2- year warranty​


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Award winning system

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