HomeBiogas Water Heater

Technical Specifications

Versatile Connection

Connect both the Stovetop & Water Heater

Instant Heating

On-demand hot water

Totally Off-Grid

Operates on batteries

How does it work?

Biogas Pipeline

Biogas flows from the system to the water heater via a biogas pipe

Inlet Flow

Cold water flows to the water heater through a cold-water inlet pipe

Instant Faucet Recognition

An automatic sensor instantly recognizes faucet usage

Warm Water Outcome

Enjoy warm water from
your faucet

Maximize the potential of your biogas with the HomeBiogas Water Heater

As proud owners of a HomeBiogas system or a HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet, get ready for an exciting upgrade! Introducing our Biogas Water Heater, an innovative add-on designed exclusively for you!

Harness the power of your HomeBiogas system to enjoy the comfort of warm water. Perfect for off-the-grid living, our Biogas Water Heater ensures an on-demand supply of warm water. But regardless of where or how you live, our Biogas Water Heater saves you money and is super eco-friendly.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! It’s totally off the grid! The electricity is powered by 2 D2 batteries, but you do need water pressure.

The water heater has a delta temperature of 15°C (approximately 59°F) above the incoming water temperature.

Both can be connected to the HomeBiogas system, but they cannot be in use at the same time.

It is not recommended to use grey water with the water heater..

Once you open the water stream, the heater immediately starts warming the passing water.

Absolutely! Use your mixing tap (for tap) or 3-way mixer (for shower) to adjust the temperature.

The water heater should be installed in an open and sheltered area. If you are installing it in a well-ventilated indoor location, we recommend purchasing a 90 mm (3.5 inch) diameter chimney. The chimney should be installed according to local regulations. A general guideline would be an upward slope and a maximum length of 2m.