This Labor Day, we are giving away a FREE HomeBiogas 2 system, to transform your organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer for your garden at home.

How do I win? 🎉

All you need to do is write your most creative way to celebrate Labor Day sustainably this year in the form. *Optional: add a picture of your sustainable celebration idea.

What Is HomeBiogas?

At HomeBiogas we develop self-reliant solutions for upcycling organic waste on-site. Our systems are perfect for off-grid living, generating clean biogas and fertilizer without electricity or grid.

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Good luck! The winner will be announced on Friday August 25th at 17:30 IST. Read our terms and conditions.

How does the HomeBiogas system work?

Insert waste

Organic waste is inserted into the digester via the inlet sink

Anaerobic digester

The system decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable energy

Clean cooking gas generated daily

The system generates renewable biogas for your cooking needs

Liquid Bio-fertilizer

The system generates liquid bio-fertilizer with  essential elements for healthy plant growth

Watch our HomeBiogas system in action: