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Create energy with an innovative Bio-Toilet

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet is the most elevated and easy-to-use toilet. Unlike incineration toilet it turns your human waste into energy without odors, maintenance, or even the need for electricity!

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no electricity consumption ​

feels like a regular toilet

safe, hassle-free, odorless

How HomeBiogas Works?

Business as usual

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet looks and feels just like a regular toilet, making it a seamless addition to any home.

Free cooking gas

Using anaerobic digestion, the Bio-toilet decomposes waste and transforms it into biogas for cooking.

Treated effluent for the soil

The effluent can either run back into an underground drain field or into a mulch basin, providing nutrients back to the soil.

The Many Benefits of a Bio-Toilet

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet

Incinerator Toilet

No energy needed

Reduce carbon footprint

Automatic Waste Removal

Biogas production


Flushing toilet


No water required

Up to $1,500 USD

Up to $ 5,000 USD

Consult with one of our Bio-Toilet experts

More Information

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, schools, and community centers.

Sanitary Solution

The Bio-Toilet is completely odorless and more hygienic compared to traditional composting toilets.

Renewable Energy

The Bio-Toilet produces clean cooking gas and treated effluent for the soil.

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The Bio-toilet is easy to install and maintain. Our flush-and-go system needs minimal maintenance.

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet kit

What our clients say!

Accelerate change.
Join the waste-to-resource

Trees saved*​
Tons of CO2- eq mitigated*
Hours of cooking on clean energy*
0 M
Tons of food waste upcycled*

*In 2021, according to the HomeBiogas ESG & Impact Report


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