We are giving away a FREE HomeBiogas 2 system, to transform your organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer for your garden at home.

Time to cool down and let the HomeBiogas system work out the process of your organic waste management, especially since it performs effortlessly in hot weather 😎

How do I win? ☀️

Share your best tip to make your summer more environmentally friendly- and you could win a FREE HomeBiogas system!

What Is HomeBiogas?

At HomeBiogas we develop self-reliant solutions for upcycling organic waste on-site. Our systems are perfect for off-grid living, generating clean biogas and fertilizer without electricity or grid.

Summer of Sustainability!

The winner will be announced on Sunday,  July 17th at 10:00 EST. Read our terms and conditions.

Watch our HomeBiogas system in action: