Looking for an easy way to invest in our planet every day?

You can make an impact from the comfort of your own home – and we can help you take action! 

How do I win?

Share your favorite tip on how anyone, anywhere can start reducing waste at home every day – and attach a photo or two (optional). We will select the most original answer and will reward the winner with a free HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit, delivered globally to your doorstep. Keep green and good luck! 

How do i use the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet to help make earth healthier for everyone?

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet transforms human waste into hours of clean cooking gas and fertilizer, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you generate renewable energy at home. 

Asset 4

Generate clean cooking gas

Save water with every flush

Self-sufficient gardening at home


Reduce your carbon footprint

lnvest in our planet!

The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 28 at 10:00 EST. Read our terms and conditions.

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet kit

More about Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is an international initiative to raise awareness for climate change. This year’s theme is lnvest ln Our Planet, encouraging the public to take an active role in protecting the environment. Through simple everyday actions, we can all assist in creating a green future for our health, our families, and our communities. 
Together we will act and together we will harvest the fruits of our shared efforts. 
Where will you fit in the story of investing in our planet?