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The New Generation of Compost Toilet

HomeBiogas gives you all the benefits of compost with all the comfort of a home toilet. And not only that, our Bio-Toilet allows you to recycle your organic waste, food scraps and manure into clean renewable energy for your home, farm, or business. 

3 Day Sale- 15% off ✨

How the magic works?


What else? A completely off-grid effluent treatment solution


Head to your bio-toilet and do you business


The next day, you get free cooking gas!

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The Many Benefits of a Bio-Toilet

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Compost Toilet


No contact with human waste

Flush toilet

Free cooking gas

Quick process

Easy maintenance

Fully off-grid

Choose the size that most suits you!

Meet Our Off-Grid Heroes

Whether you built your own off-grid treehouse like Chris & Jenna or are just busy running your personal household, a HomeBiogas system is an accessible and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and create clean energy for yourself.

We’re all about the benefits


Our self contained system is designed like the home toilet you know, and unlike open aired compost kits our system allows you to enjoy all the comfort of an indoor toilet system.

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Simple Maintenance

We understand the complexity of upkeep affiliated with compost toilets, and that’s why we’ve designed a flush and go system that needs minimal maintenance.

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Free Cooking Gas

This Bio-toilet not only decomposes your waste quickly and efficiently it also creates an organic cycle of sustainable energy in your domain by upcycling waste into clean cooking gas.


Super Safe System

Our system is built with your health and safety in mind. We've gone to great lengths.

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