offset your carbon emissions with HomeBiogas


Purchase carbon credits for yourself or as a gift 


Protect the environment against deforestation and harmful CO2


Help farming communities in Kenya gain access to free clean cooking and bio-fertilizer

Each system offsets 6 tons of carbon every year

What does 6 tons of carbon look like you wonder?

Half of one homes’ energy use for one year

1 Passenger vehicle driven for one year

13 trees saved

 9 round trip flights from London to New York

Watch how we impact communities in Kenya

Our Impact so far

hours cooked on clean energy
tons of CO2-EQ mitigated
trees saved​
Offset 1 ton of carbon
One time $20
Offset 3 tons of carbon
One time $60
Offset 6 tons of carbon
One time $120

HomeBiogas strives to reach the highest standards in product quality offered, which is why we are in the process of being certified by Gold Standard. Gold Standard is a certification standard for carbon offset projects and sets highest benchmarks for positive impacts of climate and other projects.

What our customers are saying…

Producing our own cooking gas is empowering and the liquid fertilizer benefits my garden and also us. The best part about it is that it’s a closed system!

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