Booster kit



Thermo Shield:
3.0m x 2.0m x 1.4m

Ground Cover:
3.6m x 2.4m

Thermo Regulator:
40 x 30 x 15 cm


Extends the lifespan
of the system

Optimizes your system's performance in colder weather

Keeps heat in, without overheating

Maximizes biogas production

Maintaining the biodigester’s optimal temperature at all times.

The Booster Kit maintains optimal temperatures, ensuring your HomeBiogas system runs efficiently, regardless of the season.

Temperature is one of the most critical parameters for biogas production, but it’s also one of the most unpredictable. The change in seasons can impact the efficacy of the HomeBiogas system.

The Booster Kit is made from lightweight, durable materials, and stabilizes the system’s temperature, creating a more resilient, productive, and durable environment. 

So, you can enjoy your own resilient and sustainable energy source, all year long.

Meet the Booster kit!

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What's in the box

Thermo Regulator

Energy-efficient thermostat with self-regulating heating cable and auto shutoff, to maintain the optimal temperature at all times.

Ground cover

Tarpaulin layer to help prevent plant growth around the system.

Thermo Shield

A protective barrier between your HomeBiogas and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

The system will auto-regulate in any temperature to stay at an optimal temperature. We recommend using the Booster Kit when temperatures drop below 10°C/50°F on average (weekly).

The thermo regulator includes a thermostat with a temperature sensor that ensures the system doesn’t overheat.


The HomeBiogas experts set the temperatures for optimal working. If you open the box, you are not under warranty anymore

Yes, but it’s important to ensure that the generator is properly sized and rated for the power requirements of the system.

The HomeBiogas Booster Kit is created specifically to control the temperature of the HomeBiogas system and to prevent overheating and ensure energy efficiency, and to withstand the harsh conditions of bio-digester environment, while other submersible heaters are not adapted for the HomeBiogas system.

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