Introducing HomeBiogas:


Transform your organic waste into renewable, clean cooking biogas and liquid Bio-fertilizer using this innovative DIY system. By upcycling your leftovers, you can reduce your carbon footprint and lead a self-sufficient life while also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

HomeBiogas is easy to use and adaptable to different climates and lifestyles, making it a viable solution for many households worldwide.

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Cold weather

Use your HomeBiogas system efficiently even in cold weather

Create energy

Create liquid Bio-fertilizer and cooking gas daily


Optimize temperature and increase biogas production

How does the magic work?

Our products specifically address some of the world’s most acute environmental challenges, which also affect personal health and well-being.


Thermo Regulator


Thermo Shield


Digester tank


Ground Insulation

HomeBiogas2 + Booster kit



Our new HomeBiogas Booster kit ensures your system is not affected by external weather conditions, and maintains the optimal temperature, in the most energy-efficient way, at all times.

What's in the kit?

See how you can produce your own sustainable energy

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One system, multiple benefits

Clean Energy all year round

With the Booster Kit, your system is not affected by external weather conditions and maintains the optimal temperature for biogas production.

Free daily cooking gas!

Revolutionize your cooking experience with clean, sustainable, and free cooking gas from HomeBiogas.

Free daily liquid Bio-fertilizer

A golden by-product of the system is the rich Bio-fertilizer that you get on a daily basis.

Waste management solution

With just a small change in habits, you'll be able to reduce your waste and have a significant positive impact on the environment!

Super easy DIY assembly

HomeBiogas is designed as a DIY product! To be completed by 1 or 2 people in under just two hours!

Save the world

Become an environmental hero by saving 6 tons of greenhouse gases and 1 ton of food waste every year, all while enjoying the benefits of free cooking gas and Bio-fertilizer!


The booster kit comes in 2 boxes:

  1. Thermo-shield + Ground insulation: 80x40x23, 14~ kg
  2. Thermo-regulator: 30x40x13, 4.1 kg

The HomeBiogas system, in general, should be placed outdoors only in a place where it can get maximum sunlight) and on a stable floor free from any obstructions.

It is important to place your system close to a water source and to have a free space of 0.5meter (1.6 ft)  from each of the system’s sides to have easy access to the system. The stove can be placed up to 7m (22 ft) from the system.

You will need access to an electrical plug situated up to 6m(22 ft)  from the system. 

The Booster Kit requires a surface area of minimum 2 x 3m (6.55 feet by 9.85 feet), and the height of the dome is 1.4m(4.6 feet).

You will need a surface area of minimum 2 x 3m (6.55 feet by 9.85 feet).
The height of the dome is 1.4m (4.6 feet).

The system will auto-regulate in any temperature to stay at an optimal temperature. We recommend using the Booster Kit when temperatures drop below 18°C/64.4°F on average (weekly). We do not recommend using the system if  the weekly average temperatures drop below 4°C/39.2°F.

No, the system does not use biogas for heating. The biogas is only used for cooking with the HomeBiogas stovetop. The heating is created with the submersible heater, which is specifically designed for HomeBiogas systems, and it has an energy-efficient self-regulating heating element and a thermostat with auto shutoff to maintain the optimal temperature at all times. Additionally, the heating is maintained via the greenhouse effect created by the thermo shield, which is trapping the sun’s heat, and the ground cover and insulation, which prevent heat loss through the ground.

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