Introducing the Booster Kit

Temperature is one of the most critical parameters for biogas production. The change to colder seasons can impact the efficacy of the HomeBiogas system. Our new booster kit ensures your system is not affected by external weather conditions, and maintains the optimal temperature, in the most energy-efficient way, at all times.

Maximize your biogas production, all year round


Thermo Regulator


Food waste input


Thermo Shield


Digester tank Insulation


Ground Insulation


Fertilizer output


Optimal temperature at all times


A greenhouse effect, trapping the sun’s heat


Heat loss though the ground

What’s in the kit

Thermo Regulator & Control Box

Energy-efficient thermostat with self-regulating heating cable and auto shutoff. Rugged electric control box, with heat status indicator lights.

Thermo Shield

A protective barrier between your HomeBiogas and the environment.

Ground Cover and insulation

Tarpaulin layer to help prevent plant growth around the system and an insulating layer that prevents heat loss through the ground.

Experience the benefits of HomeBiogas 2 from the comfort of your backyard

Transform your waste into a renewable source of cooking gas and Bio-fertilizer with this easy-to-install, off-the-grid system. Not only will you be able to upcycle your food waste, but you’ll also be able to reduce your carbon footprint and live a more self-sufficient life while helping to protect the environment

Upcycle your waste


Get free cooking gas


Get free Bio-fertilizer

See how you can produce your own sustainable energy –
even when it’s cold outside

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