A Black Friday
Bargain That Is


Our HomeBiogas system has been successfully integrated into the most advanced Mars Mission simulation EVER. We are celebrating this with a special offer to all earthlings coming this Black Friday 2021

20% off on all our HomeBiogas systems and our Bio-Toilet!

Impacting the Galaxy,

One Planet at a Time

The most advanced manned mars mission simulation recently took place in the Ramon Crater, deep in the Israeli desert. An international team of astronauts paved the way for human Mars exploration and they integrated the HomeBiogas system into the ‘space station’ to turn their organic waste into clean, free energy, a valuable resource in outer space.

The HomeBiogas system was created to offer a sustainable way to manage waste and recycle it into renewable energy but more importantly to leave a positive impact on the world(s) we inhabit.

We are beyond thrilled to see that we weren’t thinking big enough and have set ourselves up with a new mission: improve the whole universe!