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A toilet that turns your waste into renewable energy

Convert your humanure into clean, renewable energy with our innovative bio-toilet!
This eco-friendly device gives you the independence to make time-efficient and cost-effective decisions with your waste that require little to no effort.

Limited time only - 15% off

How it works?

The choice of many Australians

HomeBiogas Bio-toilet kit is the perfect off-the-grid tool that turns your human waste into cooking gas on a daily basis, simply by flushing. The perfect climate in Australia, large lands and the system that requires minimal maintenance and is super efficient in creating gas while saving money and the environment make HomeBiogas a favorite choice for Aussies!

Our HomeBiogas family continues to grow in Australia with thousands of new owners joining our family in the last 3 months only from Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Western & Southern Australia.

Choose the size that most suits you!

Bio-Toilet & HBG 2

AUD 1,817
  • 1 or 2 hours of cooking gas daily
  • Save 6 tons of CO2 yearly
  • Completely off-grid
  • free single-burner biogas stove

Bio-Toilet & HBG 4

AUD 2,318
  • 3 hours of free cooking gas daily
  • Save 6 tons of CO2 yearly
  • Completely off-grid
  • free double-burner biogas stove

Double toilet & HBG 4

AUD 2,916
  • One biogas system + two toilets
  • Save 6 tons of CO2 yearly
  • Completely off-grid
  • free double-burner biogas stove

Consult with one of our Bio-Toilet experts

Meet Our Off-Grid Heroes

Whether you built your own off-grid treehouse like Chris & Jenna or are just busy running your personal household, a HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet is an accessible and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and create clean energy for yourself.

5 reasons to choose HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet

Free daily cooking gas!

Your waste is valuable! Get ready to replace your cooking gas with ONE free cooking hours EVERYDAY! without any effort...

Easy to install and maintain

HomeBiogas Bio-toilet system is very easy to install and requires nearly no maintenance.

Reduce your greenhouse emissions

HomeBiogas Bio-toilet system creates biogas while digesting human waste and cutting its’ environmental impact.

Save on water and utility bills

using HomeBiogas Bio-toilet system for a year saves at least 40,000 Liters of water per year

achieving self-sufficiency

HomeBiogas bio-toilet system guarantees an off the grid self sufficient life .

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet kit

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